Frequently Asked Questions

Is the reporting program secure for the children?

Yes. The form used for reporting is secure for the children to use. A report form may be sent from any computer or mobile device with internet access and does not require providing an email address. No one other than the school's selected Trusted Adults can view a submitted form.

Will any other children be able to see a report made through the system?

No. The report goes directly from the online form to the selected Trusted Adult's email address.

How does the reporting program work?

  • Students may access from any computer with internet access.
  • Next, they search for the name of their school and select it from the search results. There will be a list of Trusted Adults associated to the school and the student may pick which Trusted Adult the form will send to.
  • The student will fill in details about the bullying including their grade, name, the bully's name, and any other details they would like the Trusted Adult to know.
  • Once the student is finished filling in the form and hits the submit button, the form will be sent to the Trusted Adult's email for review.

What does the program include?

  • 100 to 150 copies (depending on school) of an eighty-page handbook entitled Bully Prevention for the children and parents or a similar amount of copies of First Aid for Hurt Feelings – Bully Proofing Handbook.
  • A complimentary copy of the 500-page manual Bully Proofing Your School.
  • An instructor will be made available to talk to the children about bullying when funding and scheduling permits.

Does the program cost anything to the school or to the children?

There will be absolutely no costs incurred to the school or to the children participating.

What about false reports?

It is recommended that students fill their name on the reporting form so that Trusted Adults can make a judgment call on a report’s validity. It would be impossible to follow up any report without a name. However no system is totally fool proof and a false report is possible but not as likely as an anonymous reporting mechanism. The whole objective of the reporting form is to provide a deterrent to bullying by creating a safe reporting method where a target or bystander is less concerned about retaliation.

How should Trusted Adults intervene after receiving a report?

Investigation and intervention is recommended, however it is never going to be possible for a school to resolve all incidents. Resources are available to help parents on our website. Parental participation with this issue is critical if a safer community is going to be created for the children.